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Breaking Down an Author Marketing Plan
When my novel was released, I depended on "hope" marketing. I just hoped people would discover the book and it[...]
Motivation 101: 7 Ways Cash Incentives Don’t Work
I recently spoke at a local high school about motivation. I’m not a motivational speaker, trying to pump up or[...]
Logan Review: The Wolverine Movie You’ve Been Waiting For
LOGAN proves, once again, that for the sake of creating a compelling and memorable story, superpowers should be positioned as[...]
Five MORE Awesome Nuggets of Writing Advice
One of my first posts on Medium was “Five Awesome Nuggets of Writing Advice,” and to this day, it’s still[...]
You Want to Be a Writer? Learn to Love These Four Things
Rejection Cliché enough for you? Writers get rejected. A lot, in fact. My advice is to not only endure it[...]
The Accidental Novelist
I’m sitting next to Chuck Palahniuk, the author of the wildly popular novel, FIGHT CLUB. His new novel is stacked[...]

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