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Motivation 101: 7 Ways Cash Incentives Don’t Work

I recently spoke at a local high school about motivation. I’m not a motivational speaker, trying to pump up or inspire the crowd. Instead, I’m more curious about motivation. We find so many ways to sabotage ourselves and are oppressed by procrastination, fear, and resistance. Why? I find Daniel Pink’s work on this subject astounding. […]

David James Keaton: At the Movies

David James Keaton is a gem, and while his social media feed is a geyser of wit, his best commentaries involve movies. You can tell that he loves them even when he hates them. He reminds me of Roger Ebert in that way. While I know very little about his upcoming novel, THE LAST PROJECTOR, I […]

The Blacksmith of Midwestern Spirit, or, a Meditation on Illinois Heat Some May Classify as Complaint

The cliché thing to call heat is oppressive.  This is the “dark and stormy night” of heat adjectives.  Still it fits our precious, familiar, pure-evil Illinois heat.  We assign it the adjective reserved for dictators.  So be it, but there’s far more to hate and admire.  The melt-the-road-tar days sometimes come in June, they’re always […]

Man Versus Wall

There is a scene in “The Messenger” when Ben Foster learns the love of his life is engaged to another man.  He proceeds to punch a hole in the wall.  To which my wife asked, “What is it with guys punching walls?”  Then she asked me if I had ever punched a wall. Surely I […]