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Five MORE Awesome Nuggets of Writing Advice

One of my first posts on Medium was “Five Awesome Nuggets of Writing Advice,” and to this day, it’s still my most popular post. The discussion emerging from that piece made two things clear — writers love practical advice with a dash of motivation, and I had more than five nuggets to share. In case you’re interested […]

The Accidental Novelist

I’m sitting next to Chuck Palahniuk, the author of the wildly popular novel, FIGHT CLUB. His new novel is stacked neatly next to a cart that is loaded with dozens of copies of my first novel, THE HEART DOES NOT GROW BACK. We’re at Powell’s City of Books in Portland, and the rare book room […]

Fred’s Author Commandments

In interviews and discussions, I’ve talked about how, as a new author, I want to use it as an opportunity to really engage with people.  I’ve said a few times that “I’m a fan of readers.”  It sounds strange to some, but it is a one line summary of what I consider to be my […]

Five Awesome Writing Nuggets

Here are five random pieces of writing advice worth sharing.  These are nuggets that I heard, and they set off an “ah ha” moment.  They are nuggets I’ve often recited when asked for advice.  Some are useful, some may just be a handy FYI.  I share them with you now, in no particular order: 1 […]

Catch Me Writing Dirty

Since “author” is in big bold print on this blog’s heading, I’m going to be doing regular entries about writing, and the first one is about writing “dirty.” Disclaimer: Writing dirty is not what you think it means.  It has nothing to do with sex, or swearing, or trying to get into the pages of […]