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Mammoth Book of New Horror is . . . Mammoth

My feelings on this year’s “Mammoth” entry might be a matter of taste over substance.  The stories are rich and well-written, but there was a lingering feel of dust on the pages—not befitting to the proclamation of “new” on the cover.  You can’t go wrong with “Throttle,” a collaboration by Joe Hill and Stephen King, […]

Five Awesome Writing Nuggets

Here are five random pieces of writing advice worth sharing.  These are nuggets that I heard, and they set off an “ah ha” moment.  They are nuggets I’ve often recited when asked for advice.  Some are useful, some may just be a handy FYI.  I share them with you now, in no particular order: 1 […]

Man Versus Wall

There is a scene in “The Messenger” when Ben Foster learns the love of his life is engaged to another man.  He proceeds to punch a hole in the wall.  To which my wife asked, “What is it with guys punching walls?”  Then she asked me if I had ever punched a wall. Surely I […]

Catch Me Writing Dirty

Since “author” is in big bold print on this blog’s heading, I’m going to be doing regular entries about writing, and the first one is about writing “dirty.” Disclaimer: Writing dirty is not what you think it means.  It has nothing to do with sex, or swearing, or trying to get into the pages of […]

Age and the Mysterious Cheap Steak

I turned 30 in June, a milestone age that brings with it the typical question from well-wishers—“Hey Fred, do you feel old yet?” No, I don’t.  Probably because I’ve always looked older.  People have thought I was thirty for about the last 12 years or so.  I do not feel old, but at this age, […]