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"Fred Venturini’s visit to Writers Week at

Hazelwood West was one of the highlights of our

event! Fred is an engaging, energetic presenter

who immediately connected with the audience of

400+ teenagers at 7:25 am…that’s no easy feat!

Through sharing stories of his life experiences and

the path he has travelled in becoming a published

author, Fred inspired our students and touched on

life lessons that will help them whether they’re

aspiring writers or not."– Doug Jameson, Teacher & Writer's Week Organizer at Hazelwood West, Missouri. 

"Hearing Fred speak was very inspirational to me,

because he has been through so much pain in his life that

could have halted his dreams, yet didn’t... One thing he said

that stuck out to me was 'What is a roller coaster if it

doesn’t dip down every once in a while' it really made me

just acknowledge the bad times because they ultimately

help us to appreciate the good times all the more. He also

said 'Process over results' which is really good advice

because I often get stressed out about life, when in reality

I just need to focus on the process and take it one day at a

time." -Chyna Blissett, Student

"Seeing Fred Venturini was really great. He was very interesting to learn from and to hear him talk about how important the process and finishing work, even though you may not like it,

really is. His stories about his life and becoming a writer were truly inspirational . . as an aspiring writer, I really connected with him when he answered a question about someone not

wanting to continue with a piece and he answered simply by saying 'Finish it, no matter what finish it.'" -Luke Schumacher, Student

Hear Fred's Story in His Own Words

Interview on KATU ABC2 discussing his personal story and his acclaimed novel The Heart Does Not Grow Back. 

Fred discussing why he wrote The Escape of Light. 

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Fred Venturini


Praise for Fred Venturini & The Escape of Light

"Full of surprises . . . a stunning read for a wide audience."―Kirkus

“Intriguing, intense, and― dare I say it―visceral. Keep your eye on this guy. He's going to cause trouble.” ― Isaac Marion, author of Warm Bodies

“Fred Venturini is an awesomely talented writer, and he proves it on every page . . . ”― Donald Ray Pollock, author of Knockemstiff and The Devil All the Time

"Venturini's latest novel blends the star-crossed love story of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS with the rousing finale of the best ROCKY movies as he triumphantly mirrors his own incredible life story, using it as a launchpad to weave a tale about the the love and hope just waiting to be discovered within the dark, raw realities of modern teenage life―THE ESCAPE OF LIGHT is a compulsively-readable marvel that demands to be read in one sitting, preferably with a box of tissues close at hand." 
 ― Dan Loflin, screenwriter, CW's Supernatural

“No one captures the life of a teenager in small-town America with as much empathy, humor, and complexity as Fred Venturini. In burn victim Wilder Tate, readers will discover a kid with a blunt and piercing resilience about loneliness and pain, and has the valor needed to fight through a daily life of disappointment and suffering. The Escape of Light contains the powerful voices of grief told through the eyes of a young man filled, against all odds, with hope.”
Michael Nye, author of All The Castles Burned

“Smart and tough and willing to look death in the eyes . . . this books comes from a real place– that’s what hits you right away, and that’s what matters to young adults most of all.” – Josh Woods, author of The Black Palace

"If you couldn't tear yourself away from The Fault in Our Stars, open your heart, slap on a basketball jersey and lose yourself in The Escape of Light.”– Taylor Zajonc, author of The Maw

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