"Venturini doesn't write in words and sentences. Instead, he lines the page with barbwire, concertina wire, and spike strips that deliver the story deep into the reader's skin."

Chuck Palahniuk #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of FIGHT CLUB

Writers write things to publish them so that readers may enjoy them.  Simple, right?  Well I did the writing part, and these wonderful magazines, anthologies, and journals did the publishing part.  This isn’t my entire story catalog, but I invite you to enjoy these recent and forthcoming publications.

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“Gasoline” – A boy lies about a childhood accident to keep a psychopath from growing into something worse. Burnt Tongues, August 2014.


“A Pound of Flesh” – An old married couple faces a home invader who forces them into a cruel dilemma. Booked. Anthology, 2013.


“Survey” – A man faces a haunting, specific survey that can change his life. Surreal South, 2013.


“The Low Man” – A teenage Park Ranger faces death for the first time. Noir at the Bar 2, 2013.


“Detail” – A “discreet” car detailer cleans up the backseat evidence of crimes and infidelities, and falls for one of his clients, creating a mess that even he may be incapable of cleaning up. The Death Panel, 2009.


“Intimate Flesh” – Two adulterous lovers wake up in a “sticky” situation. Free and online: Underground Voices, September 2009.


“The Machine” –  A researcher takes the placebo effect to extremes. 13: Tales of Dark Fiction, 20011.


“Stretcher of Faces” – A boy tries to escape a dark force that has invaded his subconscious.  Morpheus Tales, January 2010.

sick things

“Threshold” – Sure, these girls are pretty, but what’s behind the strange looking doors in their basement?  Sick Things, June 2010.

“Blades” – What men think and fantasize about when they’re cutting the grass. Johnny America, 2009. Free and online, just click HERE.